DIY Bluetooth Speaker in Spalted Cherry

I took some time off from work the week of Thanksgiving to spend that time enjoying my family and building this cool project.

I designed and built this self-powered, Bluetooth speaker from 5/4 spalted cherry. It is powered by a Dayton Audio KAB-250 amp board (2 x 50 watts) with integrated Bluetooth chip delivered to a pair of Dayton Audio RS100-4 full range drivers. It was really fun and relatively simple to build. The most challenging part was of this project was creating the large volume control, and flush mounting the drivers. I also learned how to cut dovetailed corner keys out of mahogany to strengthen the miter joints at the corners.

I hope you enjoy the photo gallery. You can also hear how it sounds in this video demo on my facebook page (you may need to adjust the volume of the video.)


Photo Gallery: Remembering Ireland

We returned from Ireland a month ago, and the memory is still fresh for me. I vividly recall the smells, the colors, the wind, rain, and stone. Ireland presents a freshness and ancientness that my photos only hint at. If you ever travel there, be sure to meet the people, enjoy the food (and Guinness), see the sights, learn the history, and above all, enjoy each unhurried moment.

This is my final installment of Irish photo memories—a mix of new photos and some favorite moments in the order they were taken. I hope you enjoy them.

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Photo Gallery: Relishing Ireland

I dream of taking my entire family—kids and grandkids—on a tour of Europe. I know there are lots of places to see in this world. But, for some reason it’s Europe that draws my imagination. Is it the history? My German roots? Dawn’s Scandanavian roots? My reformation theology? I can’t give you a single reason, I just know I’m drawn there. And I’d love to share the experience with my whole family.

Until that dream comes true, Dawn and I will relish our adventure touring Ireland with our middle child, Haley. Here’s some photos of us enjoying the Emerald Isle.

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