I Didn’t Go to Church Today

I didn’t go to church today, Sunday.

In my weekly effort to share something spiritually helpful, or at least mildly interesting, this is the best I could do?


Or, not.

There’s a sort of helpfulness in honesty and transparency if it provides something worth consideration.

The Facade of Notre Dame

I hope you’ll consider this…

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Good Girls Aren’t Tempted to Have an Affair, Are They?

In 1995, I was in my thirties, a mother of two, Lon and I were nearing our 10th anniversary…

And I was tempted to have an affair with a man at work.

Woman Caught in Adultery

Me. The good little pastor’s daughter who never did anything wrong.

Me. The college girl who went to Bible School to be a missionary to China.

Me. The young woman who taught her children Bible stories and prayed with them at bed-time.

How did I come to this? I’ll start at the beginning…

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Will God Forgive Me? Again?

Will God forgive me? Again?

I asked this a lot when I was a young Christian.

I was very uncertain about the answer.

guilt illustration

[Illustration courtesy of Martin Bolchover Art & Illustration]

Sadly, I gave myself plenty of opportunities to ask the question; I am a frequent offender against God’s law, aka, a sinner.

Like the Apostle Paul, I know what it is to feel enslaved to the wrong I hate, and powerless to do the good I love (Romans 7:15). But neither Paul, nor I can trespass God’s law (slave to sin or not) without experiencing conscience-consequences: Shame. Guilt. Despair. Self-loathing.

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