Photo Friday: Kjerisa’s Eyes

Kjerisa's Eyes

[Kjerisa’s Eyes, by Ellie Hetrick. February, 2014.]

This Photo Friday I want to share this photo of our third grandchild, 6-month-old, Kjerisa.

Those eyes! Looking directly at her mom, Ellie, after bath time. Kjerisa’s eyes reveal her open trust and love for her mom. There is no fear. Nothing guarded. Nothing artful. Only peace and perfect content.

Average people who hope in Christ have this same hope: that they will one look upon their great God and Savior without sin, without fear, unguarded, with perfect trust and perfect love. Perfectly welcomed and embraced.

…having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you…—Ephesians 1:18, ESV

Three Ways Doubt Can Strengthen Your Faith in Christ

Doubt is not the same as unbelief.

If you’ve ever been told to “let go of your doubts,” or “just trust God.” If you’ve ever been told your faith was weak, or been rebuked for your doubt—as if doubt was the same as unbelief—then, read on.

This post will help you.

Doubt is not Unbelief

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Why It’s More Important to Know Your Weakness Than Your Strength

You know it’s important to know your strengths. And that’s where the self-help books will have you focus. This makes sense when your goal is to gain position, authority, influence.

But not if your goal is to be like Christ.

The Bible presents a counter-intuitive, even risky, view of strength and weakness. It’s that, paradoxically, it’s more important for your ultimate good to know your weakness, than your strengthto know, just how far that weakness goes.

Do you know it?


[Photo courtesy of Flickr]

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