The Prayer of the Snowbound

[Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection]

The Prayer of the Snowbound

Adapted (for fun) from Psalm 69:1-2

(I hope this doesn’t do too much violence to Scripture.)

1Save me, O God!

For the snow has come up to my neck.

2I sink in deep drifts,

where there is no foothold;

I have come into deep banks,

and the plow sweeps over me.

btw—here’s my tips for driving on icy roads.

Ice Feathers

photo of ice feathers after a storm

[Ice feathers. Winchendon, MA. January 15, 2014. Photo by Valerie Senecal LaPorte.]

This Photo Friday is a reminder that the great God of creation paints with ice and glass and cold, winter light. Yesterday, my friend Valerie posted this beautiful photo on Facebook and it generated quite a bit of conversation. Valerie writes,

Ice feathers and the sweet song of robins greeted me as I stepped out my door this morning…I went out to start the car to warm it up and found the windshield covered like this. I ran back in and grabbed my phone to take some pictures.

I looked it up on Mr. Google, and it turns out that the term “ice feathers” is, in fact, a thing. Who knew? Thanks, Valerie, for allowing me to repost your photo here. To me, it’s a terrific reminder that where there is order, and pattern, and design, there must be a great Designer.

God is great, even when you have to scrape the ice off your windshield in the cold. Hope in Him.

Cedar Waxwings On a Foggy Winter Morning

Ceder Waxwings in Oak on Winter Morning

[b&w photo taken with Nikon D40 in Sugar Hill, GA on February 11, 2013.]

Here’s a Photo Friday reminder that winter can bring surprisingly simple pleasures. (Click photo for a close up view.)

Upon arriving home from a foggy, early morning doctor appointment, I saw this flock of Cedar Waxwings in the oak tree in our front yard. These migratory birds pass through our yard annually in late winter to early spring.

Just catching sight of these once-a-year birds kind of makes my day. I’m thankful that God helps us in these simple ways.

What simple things make your day?