Paperless for iPhone App Review

I really enjoy the satisfying feeling of a job well done.

I really dislike the stressful feeling of lots of jobs undone that need to be done, but I can’t remember all of them and I can’t remember which is most important and I can’t find the time and I can’t take the first step and the sky is falling NOW!!!




the to-do list.

I love to-do lists so much that I even imagined what’s on Jesus’ to-do list.

It’s a powerful thing, a to-do list. A completed to-do list will put a rainbow on your day better than good coffee n’ dark chocolate.

Alas, the venerable to-do list is often mocked as “so 20th century”, a productivity artifact that is further past its prime than Rocky Balboa. Remember paper? Pencils? Pens? Handwriting? You know, I’ve heard of them…

Well, I’ll admit, that I don’t particularly enjoy re-writing and updating my to-do lists to keep them legible. (I have awful handwriting). But I haven’t been able to find a digital analogy to the good ol’ list that stays useful without re-writing it almost daily. The software, apps, and websites I’ve tried (including Remember the Milk, and GTD stuff) just seems like overly-complicated nonsense designed for people who are even more anal than I am. (Is that a vulgar term “anal”? – I haven’t decided yet. Scratch that, if you’re offended.)

So, imagine my gratitude when a good friend introduced me to the iphone app nirvana of digital list making called, Paperless (cue the angelic choir).

Paperless by Crush Apps is what it claims to be: just lists and checklists. Done brilliantly. No prioritization. No categorization. No synching with your calendar. No tutorials. No nonsense. Just simplicity.

Make a list. Or, make a checklist. Add notes if you want, or not. Check an item complete. Or, delete it. Or move it to a different list. Or email it to someone and make them do it ;-). Or, if it’s urgent, just drag it to the top of the list. Done. What could be simpler?

I’ve used it for about six months. I love it. I paid the $2.99 for the full version. (The free “lite” version, which limits the number of lists you can make, had me sold on Paperless in about 5 minutes.). I recommend it to all you iphone users.

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