The Only “Blog” I’ve Ever Blogged

It’s almost 2 o’clock on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Centreville, Virginia. I’m sitting on my brother’s new deck (attached to his house ;) reading, thinking, praying, and now doing something I’ve never done before.

I’m simply writing this update on Average Us. It’s what blogging used to be: a note, a letter, a status, a web log of your life written for anyone who happened to care. This was before people fully understood the potential of blogging as a communication medium. I usually try to write in order to help someone hope in God in their struggle, or I keep silent. But today, I’m just writing because I enjoy writing and communicating.

(I’m a bit of a talker, no surprise).


I was looking at a list of things I wanted to write about, all of which require a bit more thought and research.

I’m also thinking about the men’s discipleship group I will lead Monday night.

And my nephew’s wedding which is in 3 hours.

And the family and friends to chat with.

And the 12-hour drive home to Atlanta with my mother tomorrow.

So you see, I won’t be doing any research or thinking about a blog post for Monday. I will however spend the next hour preparing to lead the “D-Group” Monday night.

And I will wish you well with this one hopeful thought…

I can imagine a world where every person is glad to see, or hear from, each of his or her seven billion family members. I’m starting with you.

Let’s Hope in God. Worship Jesus. And enjoy what He gives.


What’re you up to?