The Prayer of the Snowbound

[Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection]

The Prayer of the Snowbound

Adapted (for fun) from Psalm 69:1-2

(I hope this doesn’t do too much violence to Scripture.)

1Save me, O God!

For the snow has come up to my neck.

2I sink in deep drifts,

where there is no foothold;

I have come into deep banks,

and the plow sweeps over me.

btw—here’s my tips for driving on icy roads.

Snowpocalypse Atlanta

You may have heard that Atlanta got an inch or two of snow and ice this week?

Well, this Photo Friday I want to warn you that if you’re ever in Atlanta and the view looks like this…

The morning after snowpocalpse

[View from our house the morning after “Snowpocalypse.”  January 28, 2014.]

Just stay off the roads and do this…

Neighbor sledding

[Our neighbor, Matt, sledding between our houses.]

Because Atlanta traffic will look like this…

Snowpocalypse Traffic

Consider yourself warned.