Good Girls Aren’t Tempted to Have an Affair, Are They?

In 1995, I was in my thirties, a mother of two, Lon and I were nearing our 10th anniversary…

And I was tempted to have an affair with a man at work.

Woman Caught in Adultery

Me. The good little pastor’s daughter who never did anything wrong.

Me. The college girl who went to Bible School to be a missionary to China.

Me. The young woman who taught her children Bible stories and prayed with them at bed-time.

How did I come to this? I’ll start at the beginning…

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How Self-Righteous Can You Be?

It’s been almost 25 years, but I can still see that hateful scowl like it was yesterday. That Amish woman, in her crisp navy-blue dress and head covering, glared at Dawn with such a look of sneering contempt that it took my breath away. Her stare seemed to snarl out the words, “You filth. You disgust me.”

This was my Dawn. Sweet, gentle Dawn. The Dawn, whom I can’t imagine anyone finding fault with. Why would she be the object of such scorn?

We were in the emergency room of the regional hospital in Sharon, Pennsylvania. It was 1989. Dawn was in the middle of a painful miscarriage. But all that Amish woman saw was that Dawn was wearing shorts.

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