Now What? — 8 Ways Easter Compels Us to Re-think Life

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Good Friday has come and gone. Easter has come and gone.

Now what?

Well, that depends on your view of Easter. If you view Easter as a Christian metaphor about newness of life and hope for tomorrow, then you can pretty much go on as you were, trying to be a good person (or not) with your vague hopes for tomorrow.

Christ's Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection, by Alexander Ivanov

[Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection, by Alexander Ivanov. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.]

But if you believe that Jesus was literally, physically, permanently raised from death like Dawn and me then the resurrection can and should have huge life-changing implications for your tomorrow. And by life-changing, I mean both how God changes your life, and how you seek to change.

Here’s eight “Now what?” implications every new believer in Jesus’ resurrection should think about. This isn’t a to-do list, it’s a to-think-study-pray-about-what-it-all-means list. This will take a lifetime, so I recommend you get a Bible, find a church, and get started.

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He Is Risen

The traditional Christian greeting of this day, Easter Sunday is, He is risen! It’s a statement of joy and hope that means different things to different people.

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas

[The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, by Caravaggio, 1601. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia]

Please allow me tell you what Dawn and I mean when we say it…

Yes, Dawn and I are two of those crazy, Jesus freaks who really believe in the literal, physical, permanent resurrection of Jesus and His ascension to the right hand of the Father. There He reigns literally and physically as Christ and Lord over all the universe and all the affairs of men.

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