Why Hot Sauce and Cold Showers Make Poor Discipline

Dawn and I believe in the disciplinary effectiveness of non-angry spanking. Our experience was that by disciplining our three children consistently and immediately–spanking when necessary–in their early years, they hardly ever needed spanking after age three.

So we were shocked the first time we heard that some parents punished their kids by forcing hot sauce into their mouths, or by forcing them into a cold shower.

tabasco sauce

I believe these methods make poor discipline for a child. Here’s why…

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Why We Call Jesus Our Redeemer

The Apostles taught in their letters that Jesus is our Redeemer. And though the gospels don’t record Jesus using this title for himself, hardly a page passes without the reader observing that Jesus was mindful of His mission to redeem or ransom sinful people for God and reconcile them to Him.

Notre Dame Crucifix

[Bronze crucifix in Notre Dame, Paris, France. May, 2013.]

This post is a quick reminder to Christians and non-Christians alike that Jesus is the focus of Christian faith because He is the only redeemer given by God. Here’s a slightly deeper look at why we call Jesus our Redeemer…

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