Photo Friday: Children Should Be Seen

Happy Photo Friday (the 13th)!

While in Norway, I truly enjoyed seeing the constant troupes of small, day-care children being chaperoned all over the cities. No, they weren’t tucked away, fenced in, far from roads and strangers and other American-style dangers.

Kids in yellow vests

[Daycare in front of City Hall, Oslo, Norway. Nikon D40. May, 2014.]

The Norwegians have a different approach: Give these kids highly visible vests, get them outside, and let them see and interact with the world around them. We saw groups of kids like this one everywhere in downtown Oslo and Bergen, always under plenty of adult supervision. I was told that kids are encouraged to be outside even in deep winter. “It’s good for them,” I heard.

I can believe it.

I hope you enjoyed this photo, and I’m interested in what you think of this approach to day care.