Photo Friday: The Beach

Happy Friday!

We spent the Memorial Day weekend in Panama City, Florida with our son, Häns, and his family. Häns was super excited for this trip because it was his first opportunity to share his childhood memories with his family and begin building their own family memories. His excitement made Dawn and me feel very happy. We had a great trip, though we missed having our daughter, Haley, with us.

Here’s a few photos from the beach. Enjoy your summer. Worship your Savior, Jesus.


Photo Friday: More Building, Less Blogging

Happy Friday!

For those of you who follow Average Us, Thank you! Thank you for taking your valuable time to read our thoughts on Christian life and hope, tithing, mental health, and suffering.

Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t written anything new for a while? That’s because I am shifting my time this year away from blogging and toward home projects. I recently completed building a new miter saw station in my workshop (gallery below), which will come in handy for my next project:

I am completely remodeling our kitchen—building and installing new cabinets, floor, countertops, etc. Dawn wants a “primitive” style kitchen, so the cabinets will look like individual pieces of furniture with a worn, milk-paint finish. I’ll start this month and document the process here on Average Us for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing. I think this could take 3-4 months since I work only on Saturday. We try to reserve Sunday as a sabbath to the Lord. (Someday, I’ll blog about why.)

Until next time, trust in the Lord our God with your whole heart; devote your whole life to Him. He is faithful and kind.

Grace to you, Lon


Photo Friday: Asheville Arts District

Happy Friday!

A few weeks ago we spent a bit of Heidi’s spring break visiting one of our favorite places: Asheville, North Carolina. While there we visited the Asheville Arts District. Highly recommended!

Here’s a few photos of our experience there.