Standing in Sugar Cane

Family Photo

[taken at the Mountain Farm outside Cherokee, NC, October 13, 2002.]

What did your family look like 10 years ago? Does an image come to mind?

Well, here’s a Photo Friday image of the Hetrick family (dad is behind the camera) from almost 11 years ago. Dawn and I love this photo. (Heidi just looked over my shoulder and said the same.) It reminds us of all the fun we’ve had on our fall camping trips — a family tradition since 1995.

Just for the record, Dawn and I love being parents. I think we can honestly say we’ve enjoyed being mom and dad to these three very unique and wonderful children through every stage of their lives. We learned a lot about parenting, and we’ve decided to share some parenting tips for those of you whose kids are still at home and growing. Look for those posts soon.