The Christian Missionary: A Rare Statistic

Hello reader,

I hope you will take 8-minutes of your Sunday to watch this compelling and thought-provoking video produced by a Christian couple I support in mission.

The subject is the unreached people groups of the world. The imagery is bold, in-your-face (literally), and the content will make you think, ponder, and I hope, pray. I was most moved by the story told near the end at 7m40s.

Grace to you, Lon

Guatemala Costume

Guatemala Costume

[taken in a village somewhere in Guatemala, 2009.]

In 2009, I traveled with our daughter Haley to Guatemala on a short-term medical missions trip. While visiting one of the villages, this abuela (grandmother) honored me by dressing me in her village’s traditional costume. Guatemalan costumes are unique to each village. It meant so much to me that she would thank me in this way.

By the way, one six-year-old little girl laughingly teased that I was not Haley’s madre. I was her abuela. And in this costume, I kind of look the part.