6 Easy Ways to Meet People and Fit In

Remember that time when you walked into an unfamiliar setting? Lot’s of people were already there, scattered around in noisy, chatty clusters. They obviously knew one another. They had history, something in common.

And they were completely oblivious to you… the new girl, the new guy. 

Your heart thumped a little harder, your mouth became dry. You scanned for a familiar face, but didn’t recognize anyone. Your palms grew clammy. You became self-conscious. “Just act natural,” you repeated in your head.

You were beginning feel like the poster child for awkward when mercifully, like an angel from heaven, someone approached you with a smile, extended a hand and said, “Hi, I’m Bob. I don’t think we’ve met.”

extended handshake

Before you knew it, Bob had introduced you to another person or two. You were settling into a group conversation, relaxing, and you realized that what had seemed like an awkward hour, was really about 23 seconds.

“Thank you Jesus,” for the Bobs of the world.

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