Staff Recommendations in a Paris bookstore

[Dawn browsing staff recommendations in a Paris book shop. May, 2013.]

I’m devoting this Photo Friday to books. Read them. Smell them. Feel the paper’s texture between thumb and fore-finger. Fiction. Non-fiction. Contemporary. Classic. Books shape your world by letting you see outside your world.

I love the simple pleasure of reading a novel or a biography, or even a theological work. I shared this love with my children by reading regularly to them, or listening as they read aloud during road trips.

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. They’re old enough to not want Daddy to read to them anymore, but as you can see, they’ve become book lovers, too. For now, I’m praying my grand-kids will soon be begging Papa to read to them.

photo of Heidi browsing books in Asheville

[Heidi browsing used books in Asheville, NC. October, 2012.]