Photo Gallery: The Smoky Mountains in October

This photo gallery post is long overdue. If this year end finds you freezing and snowbound, it’s my hope that this taste of October will warm you up a bit—maybe 30° or so. :)

Happy new year!


Rock Graffiti

Stacked Rocks

[shot with Nikon D40 near Graveyard Fields, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC, October, 2010.]

Ever seen something like this? Chances are you have if you’ve ever hiked anywhere near water and rocks.

Stacking rocks must be like spraying graffiti or carving your initials into a tree. It’s a way to say, “I was here.” In the ancient Near East, people often stacked rocks to mark an event: a burial, a battle, a milestone. We have examples of this in the Old Testament, like when Israel marked their entry into the promised land in Joshua 4.

You might enjoy reading this post in which I use the analogy of following trail markers to ask, Is it easy or hard to follow Jesus?

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