The New City Catechism iPad App Review (and Why It’s Worth Your Time)

2013 is drawing to a close and so is my journey with Heidi through 52 weeks of the New City Catechism. At this writing, we’re on question 51 of this free Christian education app for iPad, a joint project of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, and The Gospel Coalition. We’ve enjoyed many conversations as rich as the aroma of our local Starbucks where we meet each Sunday morning before church. Heidi generally orders a bagel or a Chai Tea Latte; I stick with my Americano.

New City Catechism_Q1_Verse

Why would I take time for such an old-fashioned sounding thing as teaching a catechism? I’m glad you asked!

I’ll respond in the classic question/answer format of a catechism.

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Feedly for iPhone – A Personalized, Mobile Reader’s Digest

[Written while returning from a road trip to Minnesota for my father-in-law’s funeral.]

Yesterday, while sitting in the passenger seat, enjoying yet another Illinois cornfield, I passed some time with Facebook, Twitter, texting and Google maps. (Isn’t wireless data access a wonderful thing?) I was wishing I could pass some time reading news, email newsletters, and blog posts via Feedly, a wonderful desktop service that assembles all my news and blog feeds into one nice, easy to read magazine-like page. I’ve used Feedly for quite a while now and love it – it basically lives in your web browser and creates your own personalized reader’s digest for the web on one page. What more could you ask for?

But, where was Feedly now? – Sitting on my computer in my bag languishing for want of a wireless connection since my 2002 mini-van isn’t a WiFi hotspot.

Hmmm… I wonder if Feedly has an iPhone app?

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