Selling the Gospel—The Christian Hype That Stifles Christian Hope

Jesus may have been the worst salesman ever.

Statue of "buddy Christ"

And the good news he announced is definitely the worst sales pitch ever. It could be lampooned like this:

“Repent and surrender everything you have and everything you hope to be to me. Do this, and your life might be worse—maybe a lot worse. Eventually, I’ll give you something far better. But you can’t see it or have it until you die. Just trust me.”

This portrayal of the gospel doesn’t sound very appealing, but it is the way most ears hear the gospel: foolish, offensive, insulting, a turn off. Certainly, that’s how Jesus’ audience heard it.

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Practically Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Finding God’s Will for Your Life

“He’s so full of the Holy Spirit, he won’t drink a cup of coffee unless God tells him to.”

Years ago, that’s what someone told me about a Christian leader he was all fired-up about.

kitchen sink

Wow! I wish God spoke with me that way. Then I could be sure I understood His will for my life. No worries. No mistakes. 100% sure of God’s best for my life. That’s what God wants.


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