Photo Friday: Oslo to Myrdal to Flåm

Norway in a Nutshell RouteIt’s Photo Friday Fourth of July!

May your Independence Day weekend be full of fun, food, fireworks, friends, and family.

Here’s a photo gallery from the first half of our Norway in a Nutshell tour in May, 2014. We left Oslo by train, changed trains at Myrdal Station, and arrived several hours later in the village of Flåm, at the head of the Sognefjord.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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Photo Friday: 6 Random Glimpses of Norway

Have you ever not known what to do?

Well, I don’t know what to do this Photo Friday because I’ve been without my normal computer and photo editing tools.

But I found a few share-able photos from our trip to Norway scattered around the cloud and my iPad. So, until I get back into the swing of things, here’s a few random glimpses of Norway that bring me back. I hope you enjoy them.

btw—See you back on Sunday for the new Call to Worship post.

bbtw—In case you missed it, here’s this week’s post from Dawn about why dream worlds always disappoint.

Cottages Along the Sognefjord

 [Four cottages at the tip of the Sognefjord, Flåm, Norway. Nikon D40. May 10, 2014.]

No Language Barrier

 [Woof! No language barrier here, Oslo, Norway. Nikon D40. May 8, 2014.]

Nearing Gudvangen

[Nearing Gudvangen on the Sognefjord Cruise. Nikon D40. May 10, 2014.]

Heroes of the Arctic

[The six heroes of polar expeditions ;), Oslo, Norway. Nikon D40. May 8, 2014.]

Waiting At Myrdal Station

[Waiting for the train at Myrdal Station. Nikon D40. May 9th, 2014.]

Red Farmhouse in Flåm, Norway

[Farmhouse In Peaceful Valley, Flåm, Norway. Nikon D40. May 10, 2014.]

Photo Friday: Rest in a Peaceful Valley

Happy Photo Friday!

And for those of you in the U.S., I hope you enjoy a restful, peaceful Memorial Day weekend. Saturday, Dawn and I will attend a Memorial ceremony with our family, and visit my father’s grave at the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, Georgia.

My dad’s only hope of heaven was in what Jesus accomplished for him. And he held to that hope to the end. Therefore, the Bible tells us he is R.I.P.—resting in peace with Jesus. Perhaps, at the end of the age, when all things are made new again, I’ll visit him in a restful, peaceful valley home like this.

Red Farmhouse in Flåm, Norway

[Farmhouse In Peaceful Valley, Flåm, Norway. Nikon D40. May 10, 2014.]