Feedly for iPhone – A Personalized, Mobile Reader’s Digest

[Written while returning from a road trip to Minnesota for my father-in-law’s funeral.]

Yesterday, while sitting in the passenger seat, enjoying yet another Illinois cornfield, I passed some time with Facebook, Twitter, texting and Google maps. (Isn’t wireless data access a wonderful thing?) I was wishing I could pass some time reading news, email newsletters, and blog posts via Feedly, a wonderful desktop service that assembles all my news and blog feeds into one nice, easy to read magazine-like page. I’ve used Feedly for quite a while now and love it – it basically lives in your web browser and creates your own personalized reader’s digest for the web on one page. What more could you ask for?

But, where was Feedly now? – Sitting on my computer in my bag languishing for want of a wireless connection since my 2002 mini-van isn’t a WiFi hotspot.

Hmmm… I wonder if Feedly has an iPhone app?

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