Slavery to Christ (Or, Why I Went to Church Today)

Last week I wrote I Didn’t Go to Church Today and explained why I thought that wasn’t a sin. I wanted to be transparent with you about how I live as a Christian. And I wanted to share a little about what Protestants have traditionally called, Christian Liberty, or Liberty of Conscience. Martin Luther first brought attention to this topic in On Christian Liberty, 1520, and you can find a brief and very helpful summary in Chapter 20 of the Westminster Confession of Faith, 1647.

Notre Dame Crucifix

But, today I did go to church and I want to tell you why.

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7 Reasons Christians Should Not Boycott Starbucks

I do not support the LGBT lobby’s effort to redefine the word marriage. Marriage has always indicated a union of a man and woman which could bring children of that union into the world. Christians like me believe this is by divine decree, but even the order of nature and the long history of social conscience throughout the world support this definition of marriage.

Starbucks Check-in

But neither do I support the call from some Christian quarters to boycott Starbucks because of their support for redefining the historical definition of marriage. Continue reading