Photo Friday: Building a Basement Storage Room


storage room

[Newly completed storage room. View larger.]

A few months ago on Photo Friday, I shared Interruptions, which represented the reason my weekly posting schedule had been interrupted. I’m happy to now share completions, which represents a job well, and satisfyingly, done. Dawn’s new storage room is now fully in use with room to spare.

Check out my Haiku Deck slide show (23 slides) for inspiration on how to go from concrete to complete. As always, thanks so much for visiting Average Us. We hope you find inspiration to hope in God who is great, even when life isn’t.


framing my basement

[Framing our basement storage room.]

This Photo Friday shows you why my blogging schedule has been interrupted. I’m learning that you never really fit new things (like say, finishing a storage room in your basement) into your routine. As Elisabeth Elliot says, “Choices mean limitations.” So, new things inevitably force a temporary interruption, or permanent change, to your routine. I enjoy working with my hands and power tools, but I hope to be back on schedule with Average Us soon.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about how I could refine the goal of our posts, and I can’t quite get beyond the word helpful, which is too generic to be, well, helpful to me as a blogger. Do you have any thoughts on what you find most valuable here? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, share and comment.

photo 2

[Insulating. Making progress]

sheetrocking our basement storage room

[Hanging sheetrock. Still a long way to go…]