I Want What You Have

I want what you have.

No, not your house. Not your income. Not your position in society. Not your fancy vacations or clothes. Not your kids’ college sticker on your car.

Painting of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit

It’s your life.

I want your energy. Your spark. Your enthusiasm for your job, or for decorating your house, or cooking a special meal, or throwing your child’s birthday party.

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Good Girls Aren’t Tempted to Have an Affair, Are They?

In 1995, I was in my thirties, a mother of two, Lon and I were nearing our 10th anniversary…

And I was tempted to have an affair with a man at work.

Woman Caught in Adultery

Me. The good little pastor’s daughter who never did anything wrong.

Me. The college girl who went to Bible School to be a missionary to China.

Me. The young woman who taught her children Bible stories and prayed with them at bed-time.

How did I come to this? I’ll start at the beginning…

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