When Jesus Visited Me

Some things you never forget.

I’ll never forget how Jesus visited me in my hour of weakness and fear.

2015 was a whole year of increasing pain and declining health that resulted in two discectomies and 3 months of recovery. I was frequently discouraged, often in pain. Yet, praise Jesus, I was never alone.

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On the night I awoke in more pain than I could imagine, Jesus sent my wife to look over me, to see that I got the help I needed. He sent paramedics with medical training to carefully lift me from my bed, carry me down the stairs, out the door, into the ambulance. He sent me a staff of care-givers: surgeons, nurses, technicians to help put a stop to the degeneration that led me to Northside Forsythe Hospital.

The next day, Jesus sent my pastor to pray for me and chat about the kitchen I would continue building for Dawn after this was all over. Then, he sent Alan and Barbara, and Sam and Bobby. He sent Graciela to sit with Dawn during the surgery, and Jesse and Susan afterward.

Later, he sent a small army of family, friends, and neighbors one-by-one, or in pairs, to visit me during my recovery:

My Mom and my children, and my first boss in the IT world, Loren; my friend and neighbor, Robin; Steve and Elaine from our old church; and Julie, and Mark and Aleta, Willette, and Steven from our new church; my running friends, Jason and David, and Patrick, who also served Dawn and me communion since I couldn’t go to church. He even sent my neighbor, Matt, to rake my lawn of fallen leaves.

Jesus also sent me gifts of food, books, and puzzles, and coffee and candy, from my colleagues at work, and even from my old boss, Kevin.

When it was clear I would need a second surgery and more recovery time, Jesus kept sending them. They called. They visited. They asked about me at church. They prayed with me. Chris and Mark sat with me as I, in visible anxiety, was being prepped for that surgery.

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Jesus sent and they came, and came. Some by word, some by a meal or a gift, some by my side. Some visited me in the name of Jesus. Some in the name of friendship. But, all because Jesus sent.

I have never been the object of such affection and compassion.

Nor, shall I ever forget when Jesus visited me.



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  1. I love hearing this! Thank you for posting this, and reminding me of the love of Jesus expressed thru others, and reminding me I need to be the hands, feet, ears and, occasionally the mouth of Jesus as well.

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