Photo Friday: Hardwood Boxes

Happy Friday to you! And thanks for stopping by.

Here are a few small boxes I made as Christmas gifts this year. I enjoy working with wood and, with experience, my skills are improving (and frustration lessens). All of these are practice work. I hope to make a larger watch box for myself one day.

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One thought on “Photo Friday: Hardwood Boxes

  1. I think they are quite lovely. I am a sucker for most any boxes, I like all the different wood but I think I like the alder wood the best I especially like the ones that are divided. For about 15+ years I have sold craft supplies to artists and I have always enjoyed seeing what people make. I think the desire to create, as a child of God, comes from our Heavenly Father who created all things-He does it from nothing, of course. Emulating our Father to take a raw material and turn it into something beautiful. I have spoke with many people over the years regarding their particular craft and the desire to create is a very deep one and not easy to ignore. Your boxes certainly look like you could make your larger watch box at any time. Dovetailing on the boxes is really nice, but I also like the design that looks like square nails. Very very nice!

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