What’s the Big Deal About Jesus?

Who is this Jesus we Christians say we believe in? What’s the big deal about him, anyway? Why does he matter when life is beating me down? Isn’t it enough to just believe in God?

These are the questions a Jewish tax collector named Levi Matthew wanted to answer when he wrote The Gospel of Matthew, the first book in the New Testament of the Bible.

He answered boldly. Without equivocation, he claimed the following in the very first words he penned:

The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.—Matthew 1:1

To our modern english-speaking ears, this just seems like the introduction to a genealogy.

You know…

The boring part.

But take another look…

The book of the genealogy of Jesus


The son of David,

The son of Abraham.

Jesus is his birth name. Christ, son of David, and son of Abraham are titles that were pregnant with significance to Matthew’s readers.

Have you ever thought about what they mean?

Here’s a quick summary.


The name, Jesus, is originally from the Hebrew, Yeshua (Joshua), which means Jehovah saves. You may recall from your Christmas celebrations what the Angel commanded Joseph,

You will call his name Jesus for he will save his people from their sins.—Matthew 1:21

Matthew wants you to know…

Jesus is God’s Savior for you.


The title, Christ, signifies that Jesus is The (capital “T”) Messiah, The Anointed (chosen and empowered) One. He is the man God appointed for His redemptive mission. He is anointed to be God’s chosen Prophet, chosen Priest, and chosen King.

As Prophet he declares God law and gospel to whoever has ears to hear. As Priest he makes atonement for sins and intercedes for his people. As King he rules over us to bless and protect us from the evil one.

He is the Mediator between God and men, the only Redeemer of mankind.

Matthew wants you to know…

Jesus is God’s Christ for you.


The title, Son of David, signifies that Jesus is the heir of God’s promise to King David.

He promised that one of David’s descendants would inherit an everlasting throne.

I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.—2 Samuel 7:13

Jesus is the heir of David’s throne. He is the promised, everlasting King.

He is the fulfillment of God’s promise to bless His people with an everlasting, righteous kingdom.

Matthew wants you to know…

Jesus is God’s King for you.


The title, Son of Abraham, signifies that Jesus is the heir of God’s ancient promise to Abraham.

He promised that one of Abraham’s descendants would bring blessing to every nation.

In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.—Genesis 12:3

Jesus is the heir of Abraham’s blessing. He is the promised blessing.

He is the fulfillment of God’s promise to bring everlasting blessing to a people chosen from among all the families of earth.

Matthew wants you to know…

Jesus is God’s Blessing for you.


By attributing these titles to Jesus, Matthew is boldly declaring his faith that, in Jesus, the great promises of God have been fulfilled among us. Salvation has come. The Christ has come. The Kingdom has come. The Blessing has come.

For us!

When life has you by the throat…

When mental illness threatens to steal your mind…

When grief from loss, or fear of tomorrow, grips your heart…

Remember this:



the son of David,

the son of Abraham.

For you!


6 thoughts on “What’s the Big Deal About Jesus?

  1. yes jesus is all those things, he is what he says he is the son of GOD but not GOD the father. we should give the glory to GOD through his son jesus the mediator

    • Yes. We could even go further and say that God is glorified by us only in and through Christ. I think John Piper put it this way and I think you’ll agree: “God is most glorified by us, when we are most satisfied in all He is to us in Christ.”

      • yes we give glory to GOD in our works, because as paul said faith without works is dead. the gift of grace is free,but we have to work at it so we can produce fruit.i do not believe in the trinity. GOD is one.iam not trying to change anyones belief,iam just planting a seed,if you care to water it thats up to you and GOD. when i talk to people i ask them if they believe that the only you can get to the kingdom is through jesus, and they say yes well then thats good enough for me.thank you lon for your replay and i do agree glory to GOD. ray


      • Thanks for reading, Ray. I appreciate your comment. I’ll leave the trinitarian debate alone, if you don’t mind. btw – it was James 2:17, but I’m sure Paul (and Jesus) agree :)

  2. thanks for your input Lon, I will keep reading your posts, read your thoughts on tithing,agree with you on all you said. hope we will keep in touch at times. peace in GOD. Ray

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