Photo Friday: Australian Photography


On this Photo Friday I want to do something different.

Most of you visit here because Dawn and I focus our posts on the hope in God that helps us deal with the difficulties of life. Whether its your health, disappointments, mistakes, sins, or mental health, God in Christ is our one true hope beyond the averageness of this life.

But some of you visit on Friday to see a picture and leave a like. And some of you are actual photographers who leave a like. Dawn and I so appreciate your views, comments, and likes that we wanted to show our appreciation by featuring your work here.

So, this week…

Let me say thank you to Leanne Cole from Australia. Leanne runs two blogs: one focuses on the art and practice of photography; the other showcases Leanne’s fine art photography. Leanne regularly stops by here on Photo Friday to leave an encouraging like for this non-photographer’s photos. But, Leanne is a real photographer who offers photography training on her website, and she likes coffee and has a cat named Tiddles. (What’s not to like about that?)

From Leanne Cole's Art Blog

Go check out Leanne’s website to see some of her work and learn a thing or two. I particularly loved this photo. Looks like a slow river of chocolate.

Thanks for the generous encouragement Leanne! May God’s grace sustain you in every endeavor.

Lon and Dawn



2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Australian Photography

  1. Beautiful picture. Looks like it could have been taken in Hocking Hills in Ohio. did you notice her web address on the limb over the creek? Her blog and website are both very nice!

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