Wild Violas, Lunden, Norway

[Wild Violas. Nikon D40. Lunden, Norway. May, 2014.]

Autumn is just, barely, getting started here in Atlanta. The mornings are a bit cooler. The days are shorter. Leaves are looking tired.

The change inspired me to plant some violas around my mailbox. Down here we plant violas and pansies in the fall. They survive our southern winters and provide a bit of color that spreads eagerly as winter creeps into spring. I can’t help but hope the violas I planted a few days ago will look as good as these wild violas I saw while on vacation in Norway.

A gardener will always hope.

Photo Friday: Autumn Flowers

5 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Autumn Flowers

    • Another (funnier) version I heard of gardeners’ optimism is, “Take a twenty dollar bill. Light it fire. If this doesn’t upset you too much, you could be a gardener.” Thanks for stopping by. I admire your writing style and your ability to find topics that 1) attract active interest, and 2) would never occur to me to write about.

      • FuNNy you share that. I was just thinking about a millionaire I made cold calls for way back. When he made his first mil, he sat in his office and burned $100-bills. A tangent, but related thought. =) Hey, I appreciate the good word, L. I don’t really look for topics that would generate interest as I do write what interests me. =)

        Ha ha ha now I’m curious what “would never occur to [you] to write about”. Hmmm….I suppose I wouldn’t see you put up “If I Were a Woman” LOL!!!

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