Where to Find an Authentic Man

Contrary to what I’ve seen online, authentic manhood is not about “unlocking your inner bad ass.” Here’s a few brief thoughts on the subject…

Jesus is the most fully authentic person—the most believable man—I am aware of, indeed, that I can imagine.

He left behind infinite superiority to put his life at risk to the violence of his inferiors.

Yet he hid nothing. He lived before people as he was inwardly. In public. Nothing hidden. No shame. No fear. What he taught, said in conversation, and did in ministry, or otherwise, displayed his mastery of himself, his mastery over every situation, and his masterful understanding of the people he encountered.

No secret schemes. No tricks. No lies. No guile.

No self-protection. No self-promotion.

Nothing artful. Nothing contrived.

Just open, honest, infinite power.

Laid aside in love.

This is why I want to know him, follow him. This is why my purpose is to belong to him.

This is why I worship him: divinity undiminished yet incarnate, the most fully authentic man.

This is why I recommend him to you: You will always know what he is about.

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