Photo Friday: Best Walk Ever (Flåm and Lunden, Norway)

Norway in a Nutshell RouteGood Friday to you!

Here’s the next in our series of photo galleries from our trip to Norway in May. These photos capture my favorite moment of our trip, an early morning 5 kilometer walk—just Dawn and me—through the villages of  Flåm and Lunden at the head of the Sognefjord.

Some of my favorite photos are here, too. Enjoy!

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    • Hi, the name of the priest seems vaguely familiar, but I don’t know the story of the church. I read a few of the summaries and reviews on the amazon page. I also never heard of the “Contradict movement”. So, I’m going to read up on that website this weekend (time allowing). Thanks for exposure to that on your blog. And thanks for liking our photos. I love taking them and sharing the good ones.

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