Why Dream Worlds Always Disappoint


of a life, of a world…

where I’m free from the bondage of mental illness.

There, I’m free from my limitations, and the world is mine. My energy is limitless; nothing overwhelms me. Whatever I put my mind to, I can do.

Dream World image

I have dreamed of this world since I was a little girl.

Back then, no one knew childhood fears could also be lifelong fears. I never heard of Anxiety, but I felt a nameless fear inside me that was too big to live with.

So, I imagined my dream world where I was safe and strong; where I feared nothing.

And I moved in. That’s how I coped.

Sometimes, I still do…

I want to dream.



My dream world leaves me, increasingly, dissatisfied. Living there tempts me to be angry with God. Sometimes, I feel cheated because my reality doesn’t measure up.


I know God doesn’t cheat. He doesn’t trick, or betray, or abandon. He is great, and He is good. He is the definition of…


And He bids me live, as I am,  in the world He made for me, as it is, where Jesus is my reality, my home.

Where Jesus is my life.

The thief [satan] comes to steal, kill and destroy. I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.—John 10:10

From this I learn that no dream world can protect from the enemy who would destroy me; and that no dream world compares with the real life Jesus promises. So, even when my mind feels stretched thin like a rubber band and I’m tempted to fall into the dream, I know it will only fail me. I know Jesus won’t.

I want to move out.


not dream.

I know Jesus’ promise of abundant, vibrant life is about this life, now, not just the future life after death.

I want to experience that promise.

I want to experience His endurance, the determination that will help me face a task even when it overwhelms me. I want to experience His contentment when I’m tired of my limitations. I want to experience His light of truth when a fog of depression refuses to let me concentrate.

But to do all this, I have to live. Here. Now. In this broken life, not in my dream world.

It’s only in this world where I experience my chains, that I can know His freedom. Everlastingly.

My dream world only offers the shadow of free living, and so it always disappoints.

I really, really want to live.


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5 thoughts on “Why Dream Worlds Always Disappoint

  1. As I read this, Dawn, Philippians 3:14 kept coming to mind. May you keep pressing on in the Lord even when it would seem easier to escape to that unsatisfying dream.

    • Biggscott, thank you for reading the post and leaving a comment. That verse is very applicable. It’s a pressing on to know Jesus for who He really is in real life, not who I wish Him to be in a life I wish I had. I am finding Him to be much more merciful and compassionate with my real pain than I thought possible, and I am grateful.

  2. I love you, Dawn! Praying that “His strength will be made perfect in our weakness” today for you.

    • Beth, thank you for reading, loving, praying and letting me know. I love that verse. It reminds me that my weakness has a purpose; the perfecting of His strength in me, for His glory. How are you? I see the pictures posted on fb, and you seem like a very busy mother of four adult children. Love you, too. Still wish we loved close enough for you to come over for tea!

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