Photo Friday: Two Hours in Vossevangen, Norway

Hello again!

Lon here, wishing you a happy Friday and weekend. What are your plans? I hope they include joining with your neighbors in worship. Let us always remind each other of the boundless love and mercy which God has poured out on us in His Son.

I hope these two photos from Vossevangen, Norway provide a bit of a reminder—an enticement, if you will— to worship the Living God. We spent a mere two hours here waiting for a train to Bergen, but I took my camera out to see what there was to see.

Dawn shot the first in front of the great stone Kirk (church) on the square in the center of town. Towering stone and sharply peaked gables draw the eye upward to remind us that God is great. But this invitingly red door seems to draw the eye (and body) inside, reminding us that God invites us to a celebration of Him, with Him, our Father and Redeemer.

Lon sitting on a bench at The Kirk in Vossevangen, Norway

[The Kirk Door, Vossevangen, Norway. Nikon D40. May 10, 2014.]

The second shot looks south across lake Vangsvatnet just a 5-minute walk from the train station. What a glorious view. (Yes, it’s a real place.) I hope God will use this image to draw your mind toward Him in worship this weekend.

Almighty King. Glorious Majesty. Creator and Sustainer. Provider and Protector. Welcomer.

Lake Vangsvatnet in Vossevangen, Norway

[Lake Vangsvatnet in Vossevangen, Norway. Nikon D40. May 10, 2014.]

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  1. Wow. Lots of metaphorical potentiality in that old door and church. Absolute breathtaking beauty in the other shot.

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