25 Skills Convenience Killed—How Many Do You Have?

Ever wondered what your great, great, great grandfather could do with his hands? What could your great, great, great grandmother could do with hers?

Once upon a time, our forebears survived using skills passed down from generations past. No more. Wealth and convenience eliminated the need for skills that were once essential for life.

And what we no longer need, we no longer learn.

Can you change a tire?

How many of these once common skills do you still master?

1. Change a flat tire.
2. Milk a cow.
3. Change your own oil.
4. Drive a car with manual transmission.
5. Saddle and ride a horse.
6. Mend clothing (a button, a sock, a torn shirt).
7. Mend a fence.
8. Bake bread.
9. Can/preserve/pickle fruits and vegetables.
10. Hunt and dress wild game.
11. Butcher and preserve livestock for food.
12. Start a fire without matches.
13. Build a shelter (a shack, a hut).
14. Gather and prepare fuel for a fire.
15. Make a candle.
16. Plant, cultivate and harvest food.
17. Handle a gun, bow, spear, knife or sword safely.
18. Tie basic knots.
19. Cook on an open fire.
20. Help deliver a calf, lamb, kid, etc.
21. Make basic textiles (weave cloth, make rope, spin thread or yarn).
22. Sharpen a knife.
23. Snare, trap, net, or fish for your next meal.
24. Write cursive.
25. Travel using a map/compass.

How many of these skills do you have? I score a mere 12 of 25.

If you find you’re lacking in skills, you might want to learn a few from Craig’s Survival Tips video below (wink, wink).

Have a skill not listed here? Tell us in the comments.