Snowpocalypse Atlanta

You may have heard that Atlanta got an inch or two of snow and ice this week?

Well, this Photo Friday I want to warn you that if you’re ever in Atlanta and the view looks like this…

The morning after snowpocalpse

[View from our house the morning after “Snowpocalypse.”  January 28, 2014.]

Just stay off the roads and do this…

Neighbor sledding

[Our neighbor, Matt, sledding between our houses.]

Because Atlanta traffic will look like this…

Snowpocalypse Traffic

Consider yourself warned.


2 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse Atlanta

  1. I have had the un-pleasure of driving in Atlanta one weekend about 7 or 8 years ago. I noticed that everyone’s bumpers all seemed to have dings on them, both sides. This was obviously due to the rampant and ferocious dodging in and out of the free way lanes. I was sitting in a store parking lot waiting to pull out onto Peachtree Rd and took a second too long to pull out so the car behind pulled out around me and went into the traffic blindly. Then, while sitting at a red light at 4 way intersection, a car came up from behind in the traffic waiting to go through the light, went up the turned lane and sped through the intersection without any thought for oncoming traffic that had the green light. I had drove all over the United States, but Atlanta traffic was unique. I am sure when the preachers in Atlanta ask the congregation to pray for their brethren- they really mean pray for them in traffic,

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