photo of ice feathers after a storm

[Ice feathers. Winchendon, MA. January 15, 2014. Photo by Valerie Senecal LaPorte.]

This Photo Friday is a reminder that the great God of creation paints with ice and glass and cold, winter light. Yesterday, my friend Valerie posted this beautiful photo on Facebook and it generated quite a bit of conversation. Valerie writes,

Ice feathers and the sweet song of robins greeted me as I stepped out my door this morning…I went out to start the car to warm it up and found the windshield covered like this. I ran back in and grabbed my phone to take some pictures.

I looked it up on Mr. Google, and it turns out that the term “ice feathers” is, in fact, a thing. Who knew? Thanks, Valerie, for allowing me to repost your photo here. To me, it’s a terrific reminder that where there is order, and pattern, and design, there must be a great Designer.

God is great, even when you have to scrape the ice off your windshield in the cold. Hope in Him.

Ice Feathers