Most Average Posts of 2013

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Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts here on Average Us. Dawn and I feel honored that you give your valuable time to visit with us here.

We aim to be helpful to you by being transparent about our spiritual journeys, both the good news about Christ and the difficulty of living the life of faith in this troubled world. Our hope is inspire more people to embrace the gospel of Christ and the greatness of God. So, in 2013 we began posting once per week which resulted in a significant traffic increase, and added the Photo Friday feature which appeals to a broader audience. We plan to continue this rhythm in 2014.

Thanks again for reading, commenting on and sharing our posts.

Please let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to request, like the Kingship of Jesus,  which a friend in Alabama requested.

Here’s a few of our most average posts of 2013.


Why Pastors Shouldn’t Teach Tithing (April, 2013) was read and commented on by more of you than any other Average Us post in 2013. It also became the all-time most popular post on Average Us, or most unpopular post depending on your point of view. For what it’s worth, it’s also the first and only post to earn me the label, false prophet by a commenter.

The New City Catechism iPad App Review (and Why It’s Worth Your Time) (December, 2013) was our second most viewed post of 2013.

Why I Left Pentecostalism (October, 2012) was our third most viewed post of 2013.


Now What?—8 Ways Easter Compels Us to Re-think Life (April, 2013) received more “Likes” than any other in 2013.

Books (December, 2013) was the most liked Photo Friday post of 2013.


Here are a few other 2013 posts that were scary to write but appealed to the needs and interests of lots of you.

Most Keeping It Real (Dawn)

Good Girls Aren’t Tempted to Have an Affair, Are They? shared Dawn’s personal journey through temptation during a low point in our marriage.

Most Keeping It Real (Lon)

Will God Forgive Me? Again? addressed why God forgives us. (spoiler: it’s not because we’re really, really trying…)

Most Comforting

God’s Will and Your Big, Stupid Mistakes is about God’s unconditional love toward us even when we really, really blow it (like me).

Most Unexpected

I Didn’t Go to Church Today addressed the important issue of Christian freedom of conscience.

Most Heart-wrenching

10 Useful Things You Can Do When Someone You Love Wants to Dig a Hole—And Die In It was about my experience helping Dawn through the darkest days of her recurring battle with depression.

Most Hopeful

Finding Hope After a Bad Year reminds us that the Christian’s “only hope in life and in death” is also the best and perfect hope.

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