photo of a van after a collision

[Our son’s delivery van after a collision on December 19th, 2013.]

This Photo Friday I’m sharing a photo of the Freightliner delivery van which our son, Häns, was driving yesterday when a large SUV crossed into his lane and hit him head-on.

Bad things happen.

In ancient times Job asked,

Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?


True Christian faith is realistic about the bad things that happen to us and those we love. God hasn’t promised any special protections to His people from accidents, natural disasters, disease, or death. Any modern brand of Christianity that claims otherwise is false. What God has promised is that every event in our lives—both good and bad—will only contribute to our eternal blessedness. (see Romans 8:28-30).

Good and bad now.

Perfect good later.

All under God’s control.

Learning to trust our great God in all things is tough, a life-long process for all of us.

We are thankful that Häns walked away from this without injury, so our trust wasn’t tested this time.


When Bad Things Happen

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  1. Glad he’s alright. That looks like an NFL style hit! Did the other driver pass out or were they texting? Also, how did Hans get an umlaut? That’s cool.

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