Why Life Will Fight You for Prayer and Why You Should Fight Back

Christians pray.

I’m a Christian. If you’re reading this, you probably are, too.

Do I pray? Do you?

We Christians believe God promises to hear us when we pray in Christ’s name. We also believe God commands us to pray seeking His kingdom, His will, and His blessing on our lives.

And yet, the ordinary circumstances of our average lives seem to fight us tooth and nail for time and attention given to prayer.

Some time ago the anti-prayer bias of my own life manifested itself in a particularly obvious and frustrating way. Afterward, I took a moment to put a few prayer-life-lessons into an email to my family. Today, I wanted to share those observations with you.

Here’s what I wrote…

Hey Family, I thought this would be useful for you all.

I’ve had several crazy days in a row that have robbed me of my opportunity to have devotions (read the Bible and pray). This morning for instance, I was just starting to read my Bible in the break-room at work when I realized I was 20-minutes late for an early morning meeting with the VP of our department. I texted Mom and asked her to pray for me as I rushed to the meeting.

Here’s the spiritual lessons I hope we all learn…

1. Life will ALWAYS fight you for the time you want to devote to prayer and Bible study.

2. You must fight back. It’s worth it. Prayer and Bible reading are the regular means of God’s grace which strengthens your soul and helps you live in God’s purpose for your life. A habit of prayer and Bible study leaves you feeling fulfilled, strong, gives you courage, clarifies your sense of purpose, and reminds you how deeply your are loved by God.

3. Don’t fight alone. Mom and I regularly pray with and for each other. We’ve got each other’s back. I encourage you to develop this habit. It is the most encouraging thing to us.

4. God fights for you. Never forget that you belong to God through Christ. You are His. He will defend and strengthen you.

Love you all,


I hope this small glimpse into one of my many spiritual struggles encourages you to fight for a prayerful life. You will never regret the work of God done in you, and through you, through your prayers. It’s how God infuses our average lives with His greatness.

God bless, Lon & Dawn

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