Hetrick girls in Versailles

[Hetrick Girls at Versailles. Haley, Heidi, Dawn (L to R). Nikon D40, May, 2013.]

This Photo Friday pic was taken just outside the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles during our visit with Haley. I’m posting this photo in honor of her homecoming this Sunday, after a year of working as an au pair (nanny) in Saint Denis, France. We’re very proud of her accomplishments–planning this adventure on her own, becoming fluent in French, and investing her life and love in Lou and Nino, who, I’m sure, will never forget her.

Nino & Lou

[Nino (left) and Lou (right) watching their dad’s fire truck. Nikon D40, May, 2013.]

The Bouquet Famiy

[The Bouquet Family in Saint Denis, France. God bless them. Nikon D40, May, 2013.]


Photo Friday: Hetrick Girls at Versailles