[“Paws” taken with Nikon D40 in Sugar Hill, GA.]

This Photo Friday pic was recently published in our town magazine’s pet photo of the month section.

Paws, so named for her four white mitten paws, was a devoted indoor cat who brought us treats whenever she could. Her favorite offerings, ironically, were the rogue mittens and gloves she hunted in our coat closet to leave by our bed while we slept. We might hear her caterwauling through the house at night with her mouthful of prey, or awake next morning to find as many as five of the vanquished mittens at our feet.

She also endeared herself by playing the best game of fetch any feline (or canine) could muster. In 2010, I wrote Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet about her passing.

Pet cat covering eyes

Photo Friday: Paws and Mittens