What the beatitudes teach me about my sin

I must learn to hate my sin, and forgive yours.
The Kingdom of Heaven is at stake. (Matthew 5:3,7)

3 thoughts on “What the beatitudes teach me about my sin

  1. When we realize He is holy, we are not we will come to hate our sin – Knowing that against Him and Him only we sin, doing what is evil in His eyes personalizes sin and removes it from the abstract.

    None of us have arrived and none are walking on water.!!.

  2. Regards to your false teching on Tithes…. It is GOD who says to tithe, not man. So why would you allow the enemy to use you, to teach otherwise? Do you believe we shouldn’t go to church as well? I say this because how is a church, building, even suppose to survive without the startings of tithing? The church has bills as well do they not? Pastors need to survive as well, do they not? Are not tithes suppose to HELP advance Gods kingdom too? These are just a few small reason God wants us to tithe. You need to seek God, build your relationship, and ask God for wisdom about the false teaching your doing. I say this not to judge you, but the fruit you speak. For it is not of God. I leave you once again with this, it is the Word of God that says to tithe, not man. Who are you to TRUMP the Word of God? Also, you will be held responsible for any wrong teaching that DOES NOT line up with Gods word. Be blessed and seek Gods wisdom before you try and teach anyone on Gods word.

    • Hello Steve,

      Please feel free to comment on any post for that particular topic, not on a different post. Your graciousness is appreciated when you disagree. I would also encourage you to read everything I’ve written on tithing before commenting, since it’s self-evident that you misunderstand what I’ve written.

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