Most-Average Posts of 2012

Hey Average Us Readers!

It’s the final day of 2012, and we’ve combed through our WordPress blog traffic stats to produce this shameless appeal for a few more visitors and views on Average Us (kind of like those churches that put “Come Grow With Us” on the church sign).

Come Grow With Us

I hope that tongue-in-cheek analogy amuses you enough to click a link or two. ;) Thanks for your visit!


How to Pray for a Friend was read by more of you than any other Average Us post in 2012.

Why the Apostles Didn’t Teach Tithing (And Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About It) is the all-time most popular post on Average Us.

HIS PAIN, my pain is the second most popular Average Us post of all time.


Sometimes I Wish I Could Be Catholic received more comments than any other post in 2012.


The Earth is the Lord’s is a photo gallery that received more “Likes” than any other in 2012.


Okay, here are some more posts that we think deserve an honorable mention.

Most Controversial

Why I Left Pentecostalism generated a lot of discussion, not all of it approving.

Most Un-Trendy

The Hip Church examines how churches can risk the central message of the gospel in a misguided search for cultural relevance (as seen through the lens of Lon’s visit to a “seeker-oriented” church).

Most Risky

Sexual Temptations speaks frankly about marital unfaithfulness, sexual temptations and p__n.

Most Poetic

Father, Almighty is a hymn Lon wrote while meditating on Matthew 6:21. (Still in search of a good song writer ;)

Most Under-Rated (our average opinion)

Letting a Daughter Go and Grow deals with our struggle to trust God with our daughter’s struggles.

The Religion About A Relationship takes to task a viral video making the claim that Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.

The Price of Imperfection explains why imperfection is far, far worse than we think, and why it costs so much to correct it.

What Makes Faith “Christian” shows what’s missing from popular American spirituality.

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