Haley’s In Paris

Good morning readers… I wanted to share this post from my daughter’s blog. It’s her first post from her new home in Paris, yes THAT Paris. We’re very proud of her and look forward to hearing about her experiences working as an au pair. If that interests you too, you can follow her blog directly.
P.S. some of you may realize the irony of my having a daughter in France who loves the language, since I had real trouble with my high school French teacher and actually was allowed to drop the class (and graduate without a foreign language credit).

The Kiersten Kaye

That’s right, I’m here, in Paris. Safe and sound and no, I didn’t get TAKEN for those of you who were wondering.

Some of you already know why I’m here, some of you don’t. Well, after many months of emails, paperwork, phone calls, tears of anger, much frustration, and a delayed layover, I have finally arrived in Paris (or more specifically, Saint Denis, a town just outside of Paris) to begin my job as an au pair!

What is an au pair, you may ask? To put it simply, I am an underpaid, foreign nanny. I’m here to educate and be educated in the french culture, and to have the time of my life! I chose to come to Paris because I want to become fluent in french and because, well, because I just wanted to, so there.

This is my first evening here, and my room is adorable. It…

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