Check Out Holly Michael’s Blog

Hey there!

We’re excited to tell you about Holly Michael’s great blog, Writing Straight. Holly is a published author and blogger who very generously get’s the word out about other bloggers and aspiring authors. Interested in Christian fiction? You can discover something new on Writing Straight.

Here’s a word about Writing Straight from Holly’s about page…

About my blog: Writing Straight is from the maxim: God writes straight with crooked lines. Crooked Lines is the title of my first novel. Through life’s crooked lines and learning curves, people are the dots that connect. This website is about connecting with each other to inspire and share about life and writing.

Holly offered me the opportunity to write a guest post on Books That Shape a Child’s Life. It’s about the books we’ve read to our kids to shape them and bond with them.

I hope you’ll check it out, enjoy it. And please comment on Holly’s blog (wink, wink, nudge).