Hello Kylie Raegan

Hello Kylie,

Today, March 17th, 2012, is your first day in God’s world and in our family. We welcome you with all our heart.

You were in our hearts long before today, and in God’s heart and mind long, long before that.

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If you ever read this note, I hope it will brighten your day to know that your Papa and Nana love you and were thinking of you. When you have a difficult day – a day when this average life is a little too painful – we hope you’ll remember that God is great. His power and grace and kindness toward you in Christ are enough to help you through any difficulty and enough to give you a firm hope of heaven. So, trust Him, like we do, in those moments.

We’re so proud of your Mom and Dad. We know they love you and your big brother, Cole. We know they’ll look to God for the wisdom and love to help you understand how precious you are, and why God brought you into His world.

We love you. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Papa & Nana

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