British Period Dramas

I think I’m a pretty average guy. Average intelligence, talent, life skills, average interests. Average husband. Average parent. I have many of the same dreams, doubts and struggles that other men have.

But this post is a confession that there is something about me that is probably very un-average, very out-of-synch with the iconic American male.

Here goes…

I like British Period Drama

Pride and Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility. Emma. Cranford. Persuasion. Downton Abbey. Northanger Abbey. Jane Eyre (I’ve read the novel, too).

Weird. I know.

But, at least let me offer five reasons why I enjoy watching British period drama.

Great Stories

Complex multi-layered stories with interesting characters that probe the deeper parts of human nature and relationships. Comparing British period drama to some American modern drama is like comparing classical music with a 4-chord rock anthem. There’s just more meat on those bones. And yes, I like a good rock anthem, too. (Cue Journey’s Separate Ways.)

Great Acting

Man, those Brits can act. They even make believable American characters when they need to.

Great Humor

Yes, those 19th Century British novelists make me laugh. The film and TV adaptations from BBC and Masterpiece are often unexpectedly funny. The 1995, 6-part production of Pride and Prejudice is especially so. I do wonder, though, why the local parson is so often the comedic buffoon in these stories. They always seem to be portrayed as peacockish morons. As a former preacher, I resemble resent that ;-)


There is little to no sexual innuendo. This is a good thing. I’ve had to abandon too many interesting TV series because they get racier and racier with each episode.

And the top reason is:

Dawn likes Them

So, I joined her and learned to like them while getting to spend time with her by my side.

As you might guess, I also enjoy more intense TV and movies, too. But, Dawn has to be careful about watching things that are too intense because of her struggles with mental health. For her, the intense emotions aroused by a suspenseful movie or TV show can have negative consequences on her mind and body that last for a day or two. I respect that consequence so I often opt to watch a period drama with her, rather than a Sci-fi flick alone.

After all, part of building a loving marriage is learning to enjoy something your spouse enjoys, simply because s/he enjoys it.

How about you? Do you have any un-average traits?

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