Imagine that a deaf person followed Jesus around and watched everything He did, but heard none of what He said, and then wasn’t around to see the last week of Jesus’ life at all (that whole cross and resurrection thing). And then, imagine that this person came up with a slogan to summarize what he thought was the point:

WWJD – let’s all be like Jesus!


If I do what Jesus would do, it’ll make be a better person? It’ll make me more moral? It’ll make me better buds with God? It’ll get me into heaven?

No. No. No. NO!

About the only thing WWJD does is make me feel a bit more smug about myself. (As if I need any help with that!)


The trouble with WWJD is, it just plain misses the point. Jesus and His Apostles pretty clearly focused on WDJD—What DID Jesus Do?—as in, what did Jesus do for me, what did He accomplish, and why does it matter?

And that would be…

He died on the cross.


So, He volunteered to die; he didn’t have to, and He did it because He loves me.

How nice. So?

So, that’s pretty great…


So, He must have had a good reason for doing that. He must’ve wanted to accomplish something important.

Go on…

So, He accomplished something… for me that I couldn’t do for myself. I was supposed to, but I couldn’t. He stepped in and did it for me.

And that would be…

He rescued me from God’s wrath, which is the penalty that my sins deserve, so I could be God’s child.

Bingo! And?

He freed me from the power and guilt of sin…

and from the power of Satan that ruled me…

and from the Law that condemned me.


He made me a new creation by His Spirit who gives me power to obey Jesus, my King and Savior.


He made me part of His Church which He calls to obey His Great Commandment to love God and neighbor, and to obey His Great Commission to make disciples around the world by proclaiming WDJD.


He promises to never abandon me, always to favor me, and guide me in this life, and to welcome me into His eternal kingdom in the next.


That… that pretty much covers it…

Well alright, then.

So, I’ll just scratch WWJD from my vocabulary?

Yeah, it’s WJWD.

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4 thoughts on “Why WWJD Isn’t WJWD

  1. Way to go Lon! You have successfully thrown a curve ball on an over used “catch phrase” only to educate us more on the true meaning of Christianity! Jesus did all the work, and it is our mission to tell the world of that…not BE Jesus! We put enough pressure on ourselves as it is…and I agree, some are smug enough!

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