Jerk Lon (follow-up) & Where is AverageUs?

I’m sitting in my favorite spot with my favorite coffee beverage (Americano) in my favorite Starbucks which is my favorite place to be on Sunday morning before Church.

[Dawn and I so are NOT nightlife people. We love simple pleasures like a slow pace of life, calm in our minds and surroundings, stimulating conversation, hard physical labor or exercise, Christ-centered worship, and good coffee (or tea, in Dawn’s case). Are we “exciting” people? Hardly. But, we hope we’re easy to be around. I don’t know why I wrote that – it just came to mind.]


Where have we been? We haven’t posted since “Treating Prayer Like Magic” exactly 33 days ago. Wassup w’dat?!? The short answer is that we took several short vacations, and Average Us took a vacation with us. This is a mixed blessing because we had some wonderful time away from home, but we love writing and sharing, too. So, here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to.

Jerk Lon (follow-up)

You may remember my post about treating a late night door-knocker very rudely – definitely a WWJND moment. In that post, I shared with you my resolve to apologize. Since my daughter Haley knew the boy at school, I tried to set something up through her. I wanted to knock on his door to apologize. Unfortunately, this kind of freaked him out. I really don’t blame him for not wanting to ever see my mug again. So instead, I wrote him an apology letter and enclosed an iTunes gift card with it, which Haley delivered at school for me. Perhaps our paths will cross again and I can apologize face-to-face.

Average Vacations

If you are friends with either of us on Facebook or follow @averageus on Twitter you know what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been doing it. If you don’t, here’s a bulleted and pictorial and (hopefully) non-boring summary.

  • St. Louis – Over the Memorial Day holiday we drove to Missouri to visit USMC PFC Häns Hetrick. Yes, we had so much fun and St Louis is way more than I expected. The slide show below has two family pictures from this trip. You can also view a 21 photo album of this trip on Facebook.
  • Ellijay – The next weekend we visited with my parents at their cabin in the north Georgia mountains. My Dad took the kids to this huge inflatable water slide. You can view a fun video of Haley zooming down the water slide.
  • Cherokee – Next we celebrated my birthday with a camping/hiking trip to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee. So relaxing. I love the sounds, sights and smells. We added to our pottery collection and I also got in a good 10 mile run on hilly terrain, which was good for my heart, lungs and legs. The slide show has several pics from this trip.

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So, What’s Next?

There’s a ton we want to share with you. Both Dawn and I have a ton of half-finished posts on depression, anxiety, faith, tithing, running, averageness, and more. Over time we hope to make Average Us a dependable source of strength and counsel for other average folks like us. Of course, we want to repeatedly remind you that you really have only One Source, and He is great, even when life isn’t.