What’s on Jesus’ To-Do List?

I love to-do lists. They keep me out of trouble, and that makes me happy.

To Do List ChecksTo-do lists are indispensable to my ability to happily navigate my average life at home, work or on vacation. There’s something wrong about that, isn’t there? – But I can’t help it. They help me stay organized. They give me peace of mind. I enjoy a sense of accomplishment when I check that little box. I sigh contentedly as I wad up a completed to-do list and throw it away. (Yes, I like my to-do lists on paper, even though I’m your average, technology-enabled sort of guy.)

My Motto

If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist.

– in my brain, that is. It’s a sad consequence of my limited (and diminishing) memory that if it isn’t written down, I’ll probably forget we’re having guests for dinner, or to pick my daughter from school, or to buy flowers for Dawn.

Ladies, please skip the next paragraph.

(Tip for Husbands: Schedule a regular reminder on your calendar to do the nice things your wife loves. Only, don’t tell her you “planned” it. If you do, you’ll forfeit your romantic-spontaneity bonus points. Not good.)

Let’s Use Our Imagination

Ahem. Okay everyone. Today, I got to thinking, “What if Jesus had a to-do list?” What would it look like? How would He categorize and prioritize? I wonder…

To-dos for April 12, Anno Mea 2010

Ongoing Tasks

↻   Be all that I AM.

↻   Enjoy fellowship with the Father and Spirit.

↻   Govern the universe (for My glory).

↻   Order the history and affairs of humanity (for My glory and My people’s).

↻   Love all I have made, especially My people.

↻   Pray for My people. They’ll need it.

↻   Make sure people get grace. They’ll have a hard time with it.

Completed Tasks

☑   Assume human flesh in an obscure village. Descendant of Abraham and David. Virgin mom. Invite some shepherds.

☑   Get a job. Something creative, but manly, too. Maybe carpentry. Sounds fun!

☑   Live in perfect obedience to My own laws. Note: Enemy will tempt.

☑   Collect a few disciples. Shoot for twelve. Must be very rough around the edges.

☑   Walk. A lot. And…

☑   Preach My gospel. Explain with stories. Disciples will need extra help.

☑   Heal 100’s, feed 1,000’s to illustrate the gospel, but not to entertain.

☑   Forgive and comfort everyone who mourns for their sins (as My gospel promises)

☑   Rebuke anyone who gets all “Who do you think you are? I’m a good person!” with me.

☑   Redeem believers (My people) by suffering their penalty for sin. Brutal death. Father’s wrath. Abandoned by disciples. Rejected by most. But, necessary. Bring it on!

☑   Raise Myself again to physical life to validate the gospel. Explain to disciples…again.

☑   Commission disciples to take My gospel to every nation. Ask Spirit to help out.

☑   Return to Father. Woohoo! Keep human form.

Incomplete Tasks

☐   Return to earth to wrap things up. Raise and glorify My people.

☐   Final judgment.

☐   New heaven and earth.

☐   Celebrate. Maybe a banquet?

Looks like He’s got everything under control!

But, what else might be on Jesus’ to-do list? What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “What’s on Jesus’ To-Do List?

  1. Oh how I love a writer who can mount a theme and ride it! Nicely done: ingenious, insightful and instructive, with a dash of whimsy. The amazing thing is He’s happy to tackle every task, even the hard ones—like repeating His message to a bunch of people with evaporating memories—for the sheer love of us.

    You should be a teacher…oh, yeah, so you are. And a good one, too.

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  3. I think you forgot to set “☐ Celebrate. Maybe a banquet?” as a reoccurring task. Great post! Huge to-do list person myself!

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